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PSoC – Design and Implementation of a 12 Lead Portable ECG

Fully Assembled Compact, Portable 12 Lead ECG

During the academic year of 2016-2017 at McMaster University, in conjunction with Dr. DeBruin, Christina Riczu, Thomas Phan and Emilie Corcoran, we developed a compact, battery powered, 12-lead electro-cardiogram. The project won 1st place in the biomedical category at the ECE Capstone Poster Day.

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PIC32 – Dragon Flame

As a gift to my sister and her husband for their wedding I developed the electronics and firmware for a table centerpiece. The product was developed using tools and materials already familiar to me to tighten the development cycle so some component choices were not ideal but were chosen because I already had programmers on hand, code already written, or schematic and footprint libraries already created for past projects. This significantly de-risked manufacturing as many components of the product were already verified to be working giving me confidence to order boards and parts for twenty of these lamps all at once. Developed in about two weeks and all twenty assembled in a weekend this project was completed quickly as the big day was rapidly approaching when I returned to Canada after my internship in California summer of 2016.

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PIC32 – Custom Development Board (Part I: Design/Hardware)


The IcePIC is the first substantial project I worked on after the my decision to commit to learning digital design and embedded systems. I brushed up on my skills in Altium acquired from my time working as a summer program instructor at McMaster University, and I applied those skills in conjunction (along with a lot of research on the PIC!) in order to begin this project.

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