Alex Lao

I am a Computer Engineering B.Eng. graduate and M.A.Sc candidate from McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario. My focus is in electrical design, FPGA development, firmware development, and software development. In the past I have worked on the design of race cars, machinery, integrated circuits, robotics and spacecraft. I try to approach similar problems between my hobbies and professional work in different ways to explore the differences between the quick and dirty approach to design and prototyping where components are pushed beyond their limits in hobbies verses the careful and methodical analysis of designs in professional engineering.

Notable Hobby Projects

  • Real time Mandelbrot generator written in Nvidia CUDA
  • Fully custom PIC32 based audio player
  • Formula Hybrid as an electrical team member


Jeff Hui

I am a Process Automation Technology student at McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario currently working as an Electrical intern in Alberta. I’ve done a bit of programming, fiddled with electronics and know my way around a shop. Now I’m trying to put all those skills together.

Notable Hobby Projects

  • NIDAQ Conveyor Belt SCADA system
  • Custom PIC32 Development Board with On-board Accelerometer
  • Op-amp based line following robot