Alex Lao

I am a Computer Engineering student at McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario. Currently I am working on a power train replacement project with the McMaster Engineering EcoCAR3 Team building a high performance hybrid vehicle based on the 2016 Camaro.

Notable Hobby Projects

  • Real time Mandelbrot generator written in Nvidia CUDA
  • Fully custom PIC32 based audio player
  • AeroQuad based quadcopter
  • Formula Hybrid as an electrical team member
  • Python based Bejewled Bot
  • VEX Robotics as electrical team lead
  • FIRST Robotics as electrical team lead


Jeff Hui

I am a Process Automation Technology student at McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario currently working as an Electrical intern in Alberta. I’ve done a bit of programming, fiddled with electronics and know my way around a shop. Now I’m trying to put all those skills together.

Notable Hobby Projects

  • NIDAQ Conveyor Belt SCADA system
  • Custom PIC32 Development Board with On-board Accelerometer
  • Op-amp based line following robot
  • Python Imperial-Metric Unit Convertor